Sunday, April 26, 2009

so so sorry

Dr. Sexson, I feel bad. And I am not placing blame on any shoulders besides me own because that would be just plain unfair. I love your class. I love our readings and our discussions, i just feel guilty because I am honestly not a blogger. I feel at a disadvantage because I don't want this blog to show that i don't care, because i do. Yesterday I read The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. The young main character was trying to cope with the death of his grandmother, close family friend, and sister. and he just cant stop laughing. after his grandmother, a longtime respected member of the reservation is struck and killed by a drunk driver, after his closest family friend is shot in the face by his drunk best friend, and after his sister is too drunk to realize her trailor is on fire and burns alive....all he can do is laugh. hysterically laugh. He doesnt even cry when any of these horrible things happen as opposed to other parts in the book. when catharsis kicks in this boy can only laugh. When this young boy in the novel looks up grief his friend give him some useful advice. His friend gives him the play Medea by our favorite euripidies! He is trying to find joy in his life and preserve what happiness he still has left. Maybe if he murders his father and mother he will be able to save them....i really like that idea. not to say im gonna go kill anyone but the prospect of being able to free someone by death and not even looking at death as a bad thing. Its a door to open up to a world free of pain and suffereing. a peaceful world.

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