Sunday, March 29, 2009

" But we are free after all. We are bound not by the laws of our nature but by the ways we can imagine ourselves breaking out of those laws without doing violence to our essential being. We are free to transcend ourselves. If we have the imagination for it." (pg. 67)

Starting out reading this book I kind of had a faint notion of what this book would be about. Alright, feral child alone in the wilderness and man tries to capture it. pretty fair guess in my opinion. Malouf starts talking about some really enticing ideas and travels so far away from the storyline that you just get lost in this sea of these huge philosophical and spiritual epiphanies. Whats so nice about it is you dont expect it coming but you dont really realize what is happening until your mid way through it. your just like hold on...what did he just say?? then you re-read it and its oh my god how does he just hop from subject to subject so fluently? fun reading.

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