Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stadial Madness

Within the pink gooey substance that is my brain, there sits in the back of my head, a diminutive curious glow that is my memory. A smolder. This recollection of times passed tests my tolerance as if it were a toddler who refuses to stop howling. There is novelty inside our memory, and I believe that I knew more at my moment of conception than I do presently. In class we discussed the idea Anamnesis; Plato’s theory that you, right now, know everything there is to know, but…forgot it. We start from the top of the ladder and work our way down. Dr. Sexson believes the opposite; we start at the bottom climbing to the top, it is there at the closing stages, where we meet Sophia. Plato’s conjecture is more alluring. The suggestion of being born with absolute understanding of everything in the world is more mind-boggling than most ideas you encounter on the daily grind. The thought that as we progress through life, what we stumble upon does not enlighten us and nurture us, but rather harms us. In that moment of birth, we as infants have an immeasurable amount of knowledge that will only erode as we grow. crazyness.

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